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Festive Community, an old community that lived from July 2015 to June 2017. Ownership of the community was handed over to a different community that decided to instead of keeping the spirit alive, rebranded it to a different name.

For the past 2 years before I launched a new community named Festive World, I was constantly asked "Alex, what if we launched a Team Fortress 2 community again?" In the end, I decided to dive in again as I was still a fan of TF2 and wanted to keep the spirit alive for the community.

Festive World

The new community which is made, will remain in the same spirit as the old one and possibly better. Many of the old staff members from the old community have been willing to moderate the new community.

Keeping it mostly the same for people who want to experience the nostalgic spirit of the old community, while also welcoming new people. Festive World is the new community and we're very excited to have you join us!